Sunday, August 14, 2016

The High Priestess

I stand at the base of these white marble steps. Above me looms the façade of a grand temple. A temple caught in mist and stars stands with so many pillars at the top of these overwhelming stairs. I feel tired as I begin to climb this flight of steps that is somehow suspended above and not deeply embedded in the dirt below. I reach the top and notice I am at the entrance of a long shadowy hall of sorts. This hall has pillars on either side. On the one side, each pillar is black velvet and on the other, each pillar is creamy white. Starlight and soft shadows catch at the pillars giving them an ethereal glow and I stand in wonder at their almost luminescence.

A gentle wind comes to me from the end of the long hall and I feel my hair falling back and my loose dress flowing behind me. I take a tentative step forward with one bare foot and as I do, I look up and notice at the end of this long hall sits a woman. She is already looking at me with the most intense of gazes. I feel riveted by her deep eyes and unable to look away. They seem to see right thru me. I am not close to her, but the power I feel radiating in that glance draws me forward and I feel as though I am floating toward her and I give myself to that drawing. She is so magnificent and yet almost frightening in the subtle strength I feel in her being. 

And now everything seems to be a contradiction of sorts. On my left it is night and I notice the flaming stars thru the pillars as I am carried forward. This is the universe and I am looking at it from the vantage point of the moon. The milky way swirls and ebbs and flows thru the sparkling stars. And on my right, it is a bright and sunny day. I notice dessert sands and radiant heat. I feel deep coolness on my left side and I notice a slight wind not at all of this passage that is pressing me and I notice the stars are orbs hung as if they could be touched. I am so close to the universe as I glance this way. I am in the solar system but on my right I am on the earth. My body feels without gravity on my left side and on my right I am very aware of this grounding and weight I carry. And yet there is this balance in the two sides of this passage.

Now I stand in front of this mysterious being. She is so radiant and flawless like the sun and stars I have just passed. Her skin shines with lights from within and her eyes are mercurial in their depths and I cannot plumb what her thoughts may be. She wears a gown made of flowing water. It rushes over her legs and over a glowing crescent moon under her foot. But the water does not run anywhere but around her. The water flashes as if with diamonds and gurgles like a brook dressing her in the most shimmering and cool waves. I see her hand slightly hidden under the water but clutching this scroll that is drawn by the waves and the eddies. The scroll likens unto a skin. alive somehow and untouched and unharmed by the rushing water that is her raiment.

And my eyes are drawn directly behind this priestess for a brief moment and I notice the garden of Eden. It is so lush and cool and I am aching to feel those beautiful garden breezes and smell the deep brown loamy earth and feel the dappled sunlight on my body. I am jolted to realize I am now naked in front of this woman. And I am not ashamed. She reaches out and somehow I feel this coolness that is comfort begin to surround me. And I am covered in this same water now. Is this dress blue? It is clear but it isn't. And raise my eyes to her chest to notice a cross of perfect proportions. This cross seems made of sunlight. and moonlight. One beam is so yellow and bright and the other is so luminous and pearlescent. This cross is completely balanced and I feel myself relax in looking at it. I feel my heart beat more slowly now. I didn't even know it was beating so fast. And finally I find the courage to raise my eyes to hers. I am quickened by this liquid intensity. I am once drawn and compelled and also deeply aware of my own flawed self. She seems to know me completely in that one look and I am terrified. I don't know how to be or even how to stand. And I feel these tears escaping my eyes and yet that water blends with the water already flowing around me and I am washed and I feel this radiance and luminescence begin to become me. Her eyes are still so intense but she is warmer now as if with that one penetrating glance she has given me all clarity and all knowing and has gifted a part of herself into my own. She hasn't judged but rather she has found what was lacking and given me that which completes me. I am now as she is in that moment. And I find myself not prideful but very sure of these things. I am now her and she is now me. We are the same but facing each other.

And I glance down at the records she holds in her hand. They are the grand Akashic records and I long to read them. I long to know my past and my present and my connection and my deep, deep unknown fibers. And she smiles a tiny half smile with one corner of her mouth and slightly shakes her head. In time. In time my lovely. You will know and you will find but for now it is enough to trust that your intuition is flowing - you are dressed in water as you never were before. And you have been washed clean and you have been accepted and loved for who you are and you can trust this deepness and this knowing that you will contain from this point on. And now she slightly moves aside and beckons to the garden that lays so perfectly beyond. It is a grove of pomegranate trees. And I wonder at the large fruits that weigh the branches so heavily. And she asks me to take and eat and I pluck a pomegranate which seems suddenly right in front of me. I haven't moved and she still sits firmly between these two pillars of night and day. And yet I am pealing back the skin and seeing these plump and lovely seeds. And I eat one and feel this woosh of fire descend all the way to my toes and I feel so alive and so empowered and I am FIRE and WATER and I am EARTH and I am AIR. I am balanced and I am evenly weighted. And suddenly I notice I am outside this temple again. I am now face out to the world. There is this vastness in front of me. It is so hot and yet I am cool in this water that continually swirls over my being. And it is the desert radiating these waves of heat and density and I am comfortable. I will water and I will replenish. No longer will I doubt this voice and I realize the high Priestess's voice is inside of me and she has blended perfectly with mine. I am in awe of this and I refuse to doubt the voice of intuition inside of me. I am become this high priestess in my own realm and no longer is the temple behind me but I am in the center of this grand circle of dessert and I am illuminated and I illuminate - radiating truth and knowing. Bubbling rays of light and sparkling stars fill the raiment of water I wear.

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