Saturday, October 15, 2016

Meeting the Magician

I sit for a moment, taking in the essence of the Magician. The card feels warm in my hand and lit from behind and the light is yellowy and bright. I gently close my eyes and the card itself recedes as my fingertips hum with the vibration of that light..

Images begin to form in front of me and I am no longer in this room. I sit with my legs drawn up under my chin, in a meadow with soft waving grass and a large tree filling the space in front of my eyes. From where I sit, everything is golden and sunny, one of those picture perfect days in early summer. The birds flit and chirp and I watch their movements in gentle fascination. They fly from grass blade to tree branch and back again, their songs blending in perfect harmony. I am relaxed and comfortable as I feel the grass beneath my toes and I feel the energy of this moment and the energy of my being blending as one in a way that makes me feel this scene is an extension of myself. The warm sunshine creates these dappled patterns on the ground in front of me, as it intensely shines thru leaves and branch. So many patterns - whorls, circles, energy. They are dancing. And I wonder if I can actually see the air itself as it eddies and flows and mixes with the light above. I feel like I would recreate so much in a painting with swirls and dips and strokes of light and fire energy. I smile at this play in front of me.

And now, this stately and somehow magical tree takes my attention - perhaps it is an oak tree. The leaves form a round and perfect canopy just beyond my head. The canopy of dancing leaves begins to fill so much of the space above my head. I feel myself drawn into the space of those dancing leaves. They come closer and closer until I am floating and floating and I reach out to touch the strong, thick branches of this ancient tree.

Resting on one thick branch near the base of the tree and looking down, just below me, I notice this man. He is strong but not muscular. He is straight and well formed. There seems to be so much of this swirling light around him and he exudes deep assurance. He is clothed in robes that ebb and sway with his movements as well as with the warm sun scented breeze. He raises an arm high above his head, and I am aware of an instrument of some such gripped securely in his hand. Over his head swirls more of this visible energy and I watch in fascination as it begins to circle in a hazy but bright figure 8. I feel strange chills go thru my being as I watch this but I am not cold.

This magician begins to chant spells and call air and earth and fire and water to him, one by one as he masterfully conducts his craft. Light and sparkles and shimmers swirl around his being and shake from his robes and he is deeply immersed in his workings. He doesn't notice me and yet I find myself drifting closer, drawn by the magnetism and the sureness in his movements and by the elements that seems suspended and living in the circle of his magic.. A circle of beautiful flowers has formed around him, pinks and reds and lush, succulent vines. The flowers seem to have a body and life that is tangible and engorged and I feel as if I would touch a blossom and come away with their living color on my palms. I breath deeply feeling my lungs expand with the richness of this moment. A sweet but delicate floral smell fills my nostrils and I am overcome in the beauty of it. I feel tears filling my eyes. So much crackling power and light fills this place. No longer am I separate but rather I am one with the energy.

The magician catches my gaze and I feel my tears glisten and catch the dancing light that surrounds us both. My tears leave my face to become powerful orbs of color in the presence of this vision. They are the element of water and from mine own self they are more than tears - they are drops of purest emotion. And emotion emanates between the both of us. Our gazes move back and forth, this transfer of knowing. There are no spoken words and yet I feel his communication and he feels mine. My eyes raise without trying, to the object in his hand and he seems to sense a shift. He raises his other hand to grab this object and all the while his body remains still. He is strong and he controls himself and his motions with dexterity and grace. He gives a half smile and his own eyes are glistening in this beautiful light. My hands reach to grasp this wand of wielding. I hold it and turn it over and over in my wondering hands. It is made of smooth white stone, so beautiful and calming and yet so empowering. I feel something tingling and moving through it even though the stone itself is solid. My eyes fill with its shape and my heart contracts as if this wand is an extension of my own being.

Images fading now. This idyllic scene. I see it being absorbed into a vortex of which I am the center. I am flying thru the universe and this vision becoming smaller and smaller. But I still hold the stone wand and I focus on it as everything flies around me. I focus on it and it fills my vision as I realize my surroundings have again become as they were but in my hands, I hold this wand rather than the Magician Card.

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